Clothing that makes you feel as good as it looks

Clothing that makes you feel as good as it looks

Ever put on a piece of garment and felt instantly amazing, like you could take on the world?

Alternatively, ever found yourself stuck in a rut and getting dressed up was the last thing on your mind? Same.

As a love letter to ourselves this month, let’s celebrate Us. Join us as we partner up with HASIKO, a wellness company that empowers women to reclaim their health, to shine the spotlight on the most important person in our lives and to give recognition to who we are today. Are we showing up as our truest selves, especially in the way we dress day-to-day?

At our core, we all want to feel good about ourselves. There’s something so freeing, so healing in wearing the right clothes and being able to express ourselves through them. Clothing, a thing so basic, can be a powerful tool in shaping the way we go about our day. It is almost like an armour that shields us, yet empowers at the same time.

To date, we’ve had great opportunities of meeting wonderful women who have shared with us their stories, of how our clothes have helped them to overcome tumultuous times in their lives and for that, we’re truly humbled. When we first sought out to create our now signature Ivy pleated dress, we never knew it would take off in such a huge manner, or that it could change lives for that matter. We too, believe that if you look good, you feel good and that’s what we strive to do with our clothes.

So let’s talk about that for a minute: How do we show up as the best versions of ourselves, for ourselves? There is a lot of pressure in trying to fit in or to look good for modern society. Shouldn’t we take ourselves more seriously and take credit for being uniquely different?

Before you pick your outfit for the day, ask yourself: How do I want to feel today? Am I honouring myself in the best way? We want you to have fun, let loose and don’t sweat the small stuff. We challenge you to dress intentionally this month as we feature our hero items worn on real, everyday women.  Now go forth and dress accordingly!


Featuring Bipasha in the Ivy dress. An everyday wearable piece of art? Count us in. You’re bound to get endless compliments wearing the Ivy. Made with our signature pleating technique, you’ll want to be seen in her.

This is Lila in our Yucca Dress. Easily dressed up or down, simply by playing around with the removable sash, you’re able to create endless looks with the Yucca. A crowd-pleaser, it comes in a variety of colours so you’re bound to find one to fall in love with. 


Lily is wearing the Sia Dress. On a busy day when you’re ploughing through your morning routine to quickly get to the door, you may have a tried-and-tested, reliable hero piece that you know will work for most of life’s occasions. That’s the Sia dress. With its flowy hem and sash to accentuate the waist, you’re always ready to grab life by its horns.


Meet CC in our Sing Jumpsuit. Jumpsuits can be a tricky thing, but they’re great for creating a total look, with minimal effort. Sing has a built-in sash that allows you to play around with different styling options. Another great feature that’s worth a mention? Pockets. Life-changing. 

When nothing feels like it’s going right, create your own joy. Find them in the littlest things. Find them in your very own wardrobe. When was the last time you dressed for yourself? Recreate that powerful feeling when you put on a GINLEE Studio garment. Everyday wearable pieces of art that not only look good, but makes you feel amazing in. Nothing feels as good as feeling comfortable in your own skin, confident in the way you look. 

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