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How are our pleated garments made?

Posted on December 31 2017

How are our pleated garments made?


Note: This video is not done to scale to the actual product.

On the average, each pleated item takes us about 5-6 months from beginning to end, simply because there are so many meticulous fine-tuning and calculations involved.

Below are the steps summarised:

1. With the collection's inspiration in mind, we experiment various pleating patterns on A4 papers before deciding which are more feasible on human bodies.
2. Transfer desired pattern onto a large piece of paper and draw the folding lines
3. Fold the pleating patterns and send to supplier to create molds
4. Cut fabric, place it in between molds to set pleats under high heat
5. Sew it up

Rounds of sampling and fine-tuning later, the end product is now ready.

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