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Singapore Fashion Awards 2016

Posted on November 18 2016

Singapore Fashion Awards 2016
18 November 2016 is a memorable date for all of us at GINLEE Studio. It was the night that we were awarded the title of 'Emerging (Fashion) Designer of the Year' at the inaugural Singapore Fashion Awards!
To say that we were thrilled would be an understatement! The award was a true celebratory moment for the us as it affirmed the numerous years of hard work and dedication poured in from each and single one of us in the team.
At the nomination stage, all nominees were tasked with creating an outfit inspired by the National Gallery Singapore with a deadline of two weeks. Two weeks *gulps*! Numerous late night emails and video calls later, our first sample arrived, with huge credit to our dedicated counterparts all over the world (design team in Tel Aviv, factory in Shanghai and operations team in Singapore)! 
We presented the Acanthus Gown which drew inspiration from the traditional neo-classic architectural elements of the National Gallery Singapore, juxtaposed with modern energy from the street. We hope to translate the magnificent grandeur of the gallery into an evening look, but not without a twist.
Staying true to our DNA of relaxed silhouettes, the elegant and fluid gown bore subtle embroidered details, which were softly contrasted with street edge. Details from the corinthian columns of the National Gallery Singapore were translated into digital prints on chiffon sleeves, imparting a tattoo-like effect. Finished with bondage-esque details which injected rebellious energy from the street, the mingling of the contrasting elements resulted in an alternative evening look.
 Big thank you to everyone who made this happen! Till the next one :)

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